What the Frac is LNG?

B.C. industry leaders and politicians are excited about the prospects of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) extraction, pipelines, terminals, and shipping. B.C. Premier Christy Clark called it “a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, with the ability to create 100,000 new jobs.” But without strong effective communication on the details of these jobs, many people will not be ready when the work begins.

Uncertainty over approvals, multiple proponents, confusion between oil and gas, and the fact that no projects are yet operational, have led many people to ask: just what the frac is going on over LNG? Promises of jobs – good jobs – business opportunities, and royalties are all enticing, but what can be done now to maximize jobs for locals?

Even amid this uncertainty, there is already a hive of activity throughout the northern parts of the province. Pipeline proponents, investors, companies, unions, communities, First Nations, and consultants, are all seeking alliances in advance of approvals and the official starting gun.

Are you confused about LNG? Follow this link to read the full story, published in the BOE Report: