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Training programs put the best labour market intelligence into action. To meet the labour demands of the future, communities need training programs in strategic areas. Izen Consulting has extensive experience working with industry, labour, First Nations, and governments to develop key training programs designed to give people the skills they need to get the jobs available in growing sectors. Understanding credentialing and training requirements, occupational competencies, and curriculum validation processes allows the Izen team to ensure training programs are effective and successful.

Izen consulting has developed many training programs from the ground up. The Izen team takes pride in creating relevant and easy to work with curriculum materials for both instructors and learners. We provide program delivery, support, and evaluation services to diverse client groups..


Sample Training Projects

Into the Ships: Introduction to Shipbuilding and Repair - First Nations Employment Society (2014)

Izen Consulting developed an eight-week training program providing an introduction and overview of BC’s growing shipbuilding and repair industry with the purpose of transitioning Aboriginal students to further training and/or employment in the field.

Schedulers of Community Health Workers Curriculum Development: Seniors Care Human Resources Planning Committee - BC Schedulers of Community Health Workers (2013)

Izen Consulting researched and developed comprehensive training curriculum including materials for learners and instructors.

Hort Education BC - Dairy Apprenticeship Steering Committee (2012)

Izen Consulting developed learning materials for the newly created and approved trade of Dairy Production Technician level 2 (Herdsperson).